August 14, 2013

Today was Madeleine's first day of kindergarten.  Unbelievably, we were discharged in time, and she made it to the first day.  Madeleine is feeling okay.  She's been having a lot of nausea, which is typical for being so close to the end of chemo.  She almost made it through her first half-day of school before needing to be picked up for feeling "yucky."  I'm really impressed with Madeleine's school, and especially her teacher.  Mrs. Whitaker seems like the perfect match for Madeleine, and for this situation. They know she won't be attending much, but are really rolling out the red carpet for her.  Hopefully she will feel well enough to attend for the rest of this week.  I'm sure she'll be feeling better by next week, but unfortunately that is when her counts will be at or near zero, so she won't be able to go.  Also, we have a whole slew of scans and tests that San Francisco needs before starting their therapy.  Our hospital here is trying to get everything done next week and the following two days.   Because after that we will be on our Wish trip!


Siobhan N said...

Yay! Glad she got to go to her first day with all the other kids! Excitement all over town today. What will happen when she isn't able to go? Do they send someone home to you? Or do they send work home and you supervise?

Kyle said...

So happy that she made her first day of school! I bet she is really happy to be there as well.