July 14, 2013

And onto Cycle #3

Nine days is the longest amount of time Mad has been out of the hospital since mid-May.  Four of those days were spent in Denver, so I can't say that we have been together as a family that whole time.

We both enjoyed Denver.  It was really nice to have one-on-one time with Madeleine when she was feeling good.  We were able to go to the movies, eat out, spend the day at the zoo with good friends, and we did quite a bit of shopping as well - a rare treat! The stem cell harvest went better than anyone expected; they were able to get enough stem cells for more than three rescues, and it only took one day!  It's nice to see her feeling so good.  Clinically, she is better than she has been in months.  She is walking well, she has an appetite, and she is in great spirits.  I am hopeful that all of this means that the chemo is working.

Tomorrow is the start of another hospital admission, this time for scans and a third cycle of chemo.  No one is looking forward to going back, but I'm impressed with how well Madeleine is coping with knowing that she has to be inpatient for another week+.  By this time she knows how crappy chemo makes her feel but she hasn't complained at all about having to go back. 

Below are some pictures from our Denver trip:

We took full advantage of the frozen yogurt shop!

The results of a day of shopping.

At the zoo with Kieran and Cara

At the airport on the way home we ran into a group of college cheerleaders.  They spent a long time showing Mad their pompoms and outfits.  Mad has a new career ambition. 

Anyone out there?  Drop me a comment if you are reading :)


Adelaide and Harleigh Morris said...

I'm reading, and LOVING the cheerleaders and beautiful frilly dress!! She must be so thrilled with all the goodies. Have her watch the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders show on CMT when it comes back this fall - she'll get a kick out of all they do!

Maya and Ian said...

We're reading too...so glad to hear things went so well! Thanks for keeping us posted and good luck with the next round of chemo.

Katie said...

We hope that this round goes well and she gets home fast! It was great to see you in Denver - you girls have such stamina and strength :)

Janice Trabish said...

THANK YOU for the posts. I catch up with you on FB but on Mad Madeleine you organize and itemize... God bless your strength... seems it is a good place to "journal" it for you. Thank you again,
Mad looks fantastic, such spirit!

Bree said...

Im here! Glad you had a great trip to Denver. Much love!

April Aymami said...

Here and reading! Thank you for taking the time to keep all of us updated on your family. I know with those three girls you must be plenty busy, but yet you still make the time for all of us. You are an amazingly strong woman, mother and wife and such an inspiration to me. If you guys are feeling up to company when you are in California let me know and we'll drive up to visit :)

Andrea GG said...

I'm here! Love seeing the pics from Denver!

Anonymous said...

I too read your MG blog but I am too lazy to log into my account to post comments. I will let you guess which friend this might be ;)