June 26, 2013


Madeleine spent five days in the hospital during this last cycle of chemo.  We have been home for a few days and are starting to see some progress on how she is feeling.  She is still pretty nauseous, but as long as we keep up with the anti-nausea medicine she seems to be feeling okay.  Yesterday was her first mostly good day and we took advantage of that to get out of the house a bit.  Mad and I went to her school to try to register her for Kindergarten but the office was closed.  We ended up going to visit her best buddy, Sophie, instead.  It was so good to see her out of the house and feeling okay!  Later we took Laurel over to preschool to sign her up for the Fall.  Madeleine got to see her teacher, Ms. Secilli, and this, along with visiting with Sophie, was the highlight of her day!

Madeleine's counts were good on Monday but are expected to drop.  She has more labs to be done tomorrow, so we'll see where she is then.

I'm signing the girls up for school because we still have no idea when we are leaving.  Before all of this happened we were supposed to be moving to Florida on June 1st for Ryan's new job.  Obviously this did not happen.  At some point we will have to transfer Madeleine's care to Florida, but for now we are staying here.  Both jobs have been incredibly supportive in regards to moving back the end and start dates.

We are still working with insurance as far as paying for our Denver trip.  It looks like there are some good benefits, we just have to make sure that the facilities are part of their network and that we can get approved for them.  Dealing with insurance is such a pain.

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Bree said...

Great update! Sending love.