December 5, 2010

Long time

I can't believe that it has been about six months since my last post! The fact is, I'm not really sure what to do with this blog. Now that Madeleine's tumor is stable there isn't much to share in terms of medical updates. We recently saw the neuroblastoma specialists in LA, and she was happy with Mad's recent scans and doesn't see any need for further biopsy at this time. She still has to be monitored, as the tumor is still active.

We also have to watch out for secondary effects from the chemo that she received, such as secondary cancer, problems with infertility, etc. My biggest fear is that Madeleine won't be able to have children. I worry about this all the time. It was very reassuring to hear that with the amount of chemo that she had, her doctors don't think that infertility will be an issue. There is still a likelihood that she could have some sort of secondary problem, but from what we've been told she may just beat this thing without any issues...except for a couple decent scars, and a weakened right leg...but I'll take that.

In OTHER life news however, there is a fair amount going on. In August Madeleine became a big sister:She loves her little sister, Laurel, and is surprisingly a big help to me.

Madeleine has been enjoying her dance class:

And logging in some beach and friend time:

Shortly after Christmas we are moving to New Mexico! Ryan got a good job at the National Lab in Los Alamos, and we are looking forward to getting out of fast-paced Southern California. We will definitely miss our San Diego friends, but I think this will be a good move.


Adelaide Morris said...

I just love the picture in the laundry basket and the one on poor Humphrey! The one of all 4 of you by the Christmas tree is a keeper too :) You can always use the blog to keep everyone up to date on Mad and Laurel! Those of us who occasionally stalk you can see the wonderful life Mad is leading, and what a miracle she is every day even though we're far away. Try not to worry about her having kids, she was so young when they started the drugs- the body has a miraculous way of finding alternative paths to make nature possible as long as it has lots of time to do it. She'll be perfectly wonderful and I bet she's going to have beautiful babies, just like you!!

mom said...

Just logged on here on the off chance you had actually posted something. It has been a long time! Are you sure that bath picture is Laurel? It sure looks like Mads. How soon we forget!

Ericka said...

This was an awesome post to read. :) I'm so proud of your family and this epic battle you've weathered with amazing grace.

I will be sad to not see updates because the stories and pictures are a delight but no posts = no additional cancer complications and that is a beautiful thing too.