May 16, 2009

Excited about Today

We are getting ready to head out the Rady Children's Celebration of Champions. This is an event for the children who are currently in treatment, and those that are out of treatment for cancer. I spent a long time trying to figure out if Madeleine is considered in or out of treatment. When I filled out the forms there was a box to check, and I really didn't know how her status would be considered. It should be an easy question, right? There was no box for "still has cancer, but not in treatment." I don't remember what I put on the form, I probably gave them some overly-lengthly explanation and let them decide. The difference in terms of the celebration, is that those who are out of treatment will run a victory lap all together, to celebrate life, and those that are in treatment are running part of an individual relay. The craziest part of this is that each participant has a sponsor and a local celebrity, both of whom will also walk/run with the child. Someone paid $1500 for Madeleine to attend this event. I can't really get over that. Someone we don't know donated a lot of money to be the sponsor of a child they haven't met. And, apparently A LOT of people donated that much money because this is supposed to be a pretty big event. All of the money, of course, goes to the oncology department of the hospital.

The coordinators called yesterday to remind us to be a little early because Mad is one of the first runners in the relay. So I guess she is still considered in treatment.

Look out for pictures later today! And tune back in to find out who our local celebrity is. We're hoping for a Charger.


Hope said...

What a great thing to do! Have fun!!

Bree said...

That sound so cool. Can't wait for more details.